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Surface Finishing Overview

At Fletcher Aluminium in Auckland, we have two surface finishing plants – one for anodising and the other for powder coating (painting). These are protective and corrosion resistant finishes that can be applied to aluminium extrusions.

Our finishing plants are right beside the extrusion plant. So your work can be scheduled continuously from extrusion through to anodising or powder coating, testing and despatch.

Anodising involves using aluminium’s natural affinity towards oxygen to create a thick protective oxide layer on the mill finish metal. You can choose between a 'satin' / 'natural' finish to preserve the metal's silver-like characteristic, and a series of bronze-like colours that range through to black.

Powder coating involves applying finely ground dry paint film to a specially prepared aluminium surface. This film is then heated, so it melts and cures to a tough smooth finish. A wide range of colours are available.

Both finish types are manufactured in accordance with strict national and international standards and quality systems.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like the finish on a car, your anodised or power coated aluminium is highly durable and corrosion resistant, provided you look after it.

To clean either finish:

• Use warm water with a very soft soap solution, wax wash solution or an approved wetting agent – nothing stronger
• Brush with a soft brush if necessary
• Rinse thoroughly with clean water, especially any cavities

Using a wax wash solution or applying a good quality wax polish after washing will help prevent future build up of dirt.

Never clean any finish with:

• Strong acids or alkaline cleaners
• Scourers, sand paper, steel wool or other aggressive materials